Let me Manage Your Landscape

Dear Friends,

My business is Fine Gardening of your home.  One of my areas I specialize in  is Landscape Management.  This involves adjusting your automatic sprinkler for each season, using organic pesticides, pruning and fertilizing your Fruit, Citrus, and other Trees.  I can also winterize your rose buses so that they will have less bugs and more blum in the Spring.  I offer weekly, monthly, and twice a year programs for helping you to achieve your dream gardens.  Call me for a quote.  During the month of March & April I am offering $50 off my initial consult with you.

Perhaps you thinking of planting a large pot of colorful plants?  Here is a nifty little video that shows how to plant a large pot, and some lovely shade plants to put inside it!  You can substitute succulents and heat tolerant plants for the warmer areas you live in too.


If you should need help in choosing the plants to put in Your Flower Pot please call me.  619-857-1954

If you should need help in pruning back (correctly) your shrubs, trees, or bushes and a bit of weeding, please call me for an appointment.  If you simply want to some “Instant Beauty” to your yard, call today!